Every week brings new opportunities for growth, connection, and creativity at our Clubs. This past week, our Girl Group took center stage, bringing together teenage female Club members ranging from 6th graders to high school seniors. Weekly these girls read a book together (currently The Secret Life of Bees), nurture their creativity, and create bonds with their female peers – understanding the importance of lasting friendships. It was a session filled with not just literature and art but also the blossoming of friendships and deeper understanding.

The girls took time painting their own bookmarks, using the time to explore their creativity and express themselves. While painting, their conversations flowed effortlessly, and barriers began to come down. These young women shared their thoughts, dreams, and personal experiences. It was a safe space to open up about family, school, and challenges.

In sharing their stories and listening to each other, they took the first step in creating a supportive community where they can lean on one another during their journeys through adolescence. Our Club provides a safe harbor for young minds to flourish, not just academically but emotionally and socially. It’s within these groups that they find their voice and their tribe. As they continue to meet week after week, we’re excited to see how these bonds grow and strengthen.

About the author : Ashlyn Williams

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