The air was filled with excitement as our Club members returned for their first day back at our After-School Program, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their educational journey. As they walked through our doors with backpacks slung over their shoulders and smiles on their faces, a palpable energy filled the air – a mix of anticipation and the joy of reuniting with friends.

After-school started off with our power hour program, where Club members worked on homework or participated in academic enrichment for an hour. Guided by our dedicated staff, Club members delved into their studies. They also spent some time outside on the playground engaging in games, fun, and lots of smiles. Each of our Club sites feature many other fun activities such as arts and crafts, reading in the library, basketball in the gym, and so much more.

The first day back was more than just a return to routine – it was an affirmation of the supportive community that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern North Carolina offers. With hearts full of excitement and minds eager to explore, our Club members are ready to make the most of every moment and seize the countless opportunities that lie ahead.

Cheers to a new school year filled with growth, friendships, and boundless potential!

About the author : Ashlyn Williams

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