April 4th, 2024, marked a day of inspiration and unforgettable experiences for the members of two of our Wilmington Clubs. With a star-studded surprise and royal visit, our Club members were treated to a day filled with laughter, music, and invaluable memories.

Country music sensation Chase Rice visited with some of our teens, spreading a message of encouragement and connection to our teens. As he shared his insights on the importance of healthy digital habits and genuine connections, our members were encouraged to unplug from technology and pursue their dreams with passion and dedication. The day consisted of Rice playing cornhole, foosball, and football with Club members, getting a personal tour of our Club by our teens, and giving our teens a private acoustic concert. UScellular joined in on the excitement, showering our Club with a generous gift of $10,000. UScellular, in partnership with Chase Rice also gifted our teen Club members 20 tickets to Chase Rice’s show at the Live Oak Pavilion, along with music equipment for our aspiring musicians.

Meanwhile, the presence of the 77th Azalea Queen, Sharon Lawrence, and her court brought an air of regal elegance. Engaging in games, art projects, and even a fashion show organized by our Club members, the Azalea Royalty brought smiles and laughter wherever they went. From crafting crowns to playing Kahoots, our elementary Club members embraced the opportunity to interact with the Azalea Queen and her court, soaking in the magic of the moment.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the day, our Club members learned the importance of seizing opportunities, pursuing their passions, and cherishing the connections that enrich their lives. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chase Rice, UScellular, and the Azalea festival for making this day one to remember for many of our Club members. Here’s too many more moments of joy, growth, and connection ahead!

About the author : Ashlyn Williams

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